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Selected Books by Edmund Blair Bolles

  • Galileo's Commandment: 2500 Years of Great Science Writing
  • The Ice Finders: How a Poet, a Professor, and a Politician Discovered the Ice Age
  • Einstein Defiant: Genius vs Genius in the Quantum Revolution

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Interesting thoughts. Pardon the pun.

There may even be a 4th type of speech, and that may well be represented by English. English has streamlined the sentence and syntax to the point where we can differentiate differing meanings from a phonetically identical word, based upon it's use. English has three tenses.

Not only that, but complex thoughts and concepts can be relatively easily transmited from one to another to the extent that, based upon the structure or phrase used, an entire message may be understood before the sentence is even finished.

Compare that now to an ancient language like Finnish, or Suomi, where there are, I believe 27 tenses. Suomi is postulated to be the remains of the ancient indo-ugaritic languages that survived in Finland because of it's iso-lation.

Hmmm... just thinking out loud here. I'll have to spend some time and read through all your postings, as I am always interested in these concepts. Long winters in Maine, I suspect... :)

Nice work here. I'll be back.


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