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  • Galileo's Commandment: 2500 Years of Great Science Writing
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As evolution is a process of modification rather than brand-new creation, how can any aspect of language not have had some pre-modified version in our common ancestor with the other apes? Some aspects will be barely modified and others extensively. The process of getting attention might be one of the least modified aspects and therefore one of the clearest to identify with a homologous brain area in the chimp and man.
BLOGGER: New things do appear in the evolutionary tree. So, although feathers are modified scales, you cannot expect some element of feathers to be discoverable in a snake's skin. The point is you cannot assume, just because a feature evolved, that it is represented in some half-form in other species. The issue of getting attention would seem to be widespread, but it seems that animals, including chimps, rarely try to catch one another's attention. The chimps at Yerkes work to catch a human's attention, but not that of their fellow chimpanzees.


Well, perhaps chimpanzees do try to catch one another's attention in other circumstances, e.g. in mating.
One question - does anyone say whether mirror neurons are involved in this "attention-catching" process?
BLOGGER: A search of the article failed to turn up the word "mirror."

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