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Selected Books by Edmund Blair Bolles

  • Galileo's Commandment: 2500 Years of Great Science Writing
  • The Ice Finders: How a Poet, a Professor, and a Politician Discovered the Ice Age
  • Einstein Defiant: Genius vs Genius in the Quantum Revolution

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The communicative triangle is a far better X than the near universal assumption that all humans have language. Those Nicaraguan children for example who did not experience the social interactions at Bluefields did not create language, and grew into adults with at best a so-called 'protolanguage'. Judy Kegl located over four hundred such alinguals in a country the size of Maryland, yet linguists maintain their theories by denying such people exist. They are often considered non- or sub-human and denied rights due to their language problems, even though they participate in society, raise families, and hold jobs, communicating by use of the joint attention triangle.
BLOGGER: It's a fair point. All human societies have language, but there are people who for a variety of reasons were shut off from society at a critical period and have, at best, protolanguage.

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