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So we disagree first with skinner and now with chompsky,
We belive in Christiansen idea that grammar rules evolved to fit the brain.
the sentence "the ball he threww hit me" it is obvious wrong for usbut we can not give a rational explanation that easy.
Well I am going to give one if we belive in the universal grammatic,
the way we talk is ruled by this one, this grammatic includes an ontology which includes absolutes assertions and rules of inference, such as
if a man is walking then is breading, it also includes syntax and morphological rules,
and comply with the semantic meanings. Therefore if we review the sentence "the ball he threw hit me", and we check it with the syntax parser or checker we will quickly see that it is not syntactically correct, therefore declared wrong.And we alraedy explained why this grammar has no need to be engraved in the brain(iin christiansen article)


I have trouble swallowing both Deacon's and Christiansen's views. They both seem to suggest that language is some kind of entity, perhaps even sentient, that adapts itself to another entity, the brain. In what sense can language be shaped by the brain, especially if it is a "faculty of the brain"? How can a faculty of the brain affect the brain? Being a behaviorist, however, it seems quite plausible that speech utterances can affect the brain as discriminative stimuli and in turn affect either verbal or non-verbal behavior mediated by the brain and then in turn affecting the brain by their consequences on the environment.

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