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  • Galileo's Commandment: 2500 Years of Great Science Writing
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  • Einstein Defiant: Genius vs Genius in the Quantum Revolution

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What makes so sure Ardi is an ancestor of man? The small brain, less than a chimp, does not support this. It is well established that bipedalism occurred many times.
BLOGGER: I'm not sure what the bipedalism many times refers to, but it is not settled that Ardipitheicus ramidus is part of the human lineage. Because of the bipedalism it is considered a hominim, one of the descendants of the LCA. Our line might have been different, but the key thing for this post is that Ardipithecus was not at all like what was expected.

Yair shimron

Unless we have D.N.A.'s of fossils, we will not be able to describe correctly the lineage of man. All we have right now are synthetic lineages, proposed descriptions that count on likeness that can be the result of convergevce rather than direct evolution. One must not exclude the possibility of two and more lineages of apes that developed bipedals to live some very similar fossils. The 99% sameness of human and chimp D.N.A. and 4-6 m. years of presumed separation still suggest strongly that there could have been a chimplike - human line with Ardi a neglected spectator.
BLOGGER: Although I agree with the general principles of this comment, I'm troubled by the general 'pay no attention' to the news thesis. Everything we know is tentative. Einstein once said over coffee in Berlin 1924 that everything science says is wrong. But I think we do better to embrace the errors of the moment, with the understanding that divorce is possible at any time, than we do by cautiously waiting for all the evidence to be in. The latter will never happen.

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