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Selected Books by Edmund Blair Bolles

  • Galileo's Commandment: 2500 Years of Great Science Writing
  • The Ice Finders: How a Poet, a Professor, and a Politician Discovered the Ice Age
  • Einstein Defiant: Genius vs Genius in the Quantum Revolution

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Raymond Weitzman

Partee's comment is rather cryptic to me. If her concept of semantics is a formal system, then it makes no sense at all. If she is saying that intelligence is measured according to how a human being interacts with the world and gets something out of that interaction , then it might make some sense.

Chomsky's comment is intriguing, but I'm positive that his meaning of meaning is different from mine. His dualism of the meaning of a sentence and the meaning of behavior is curious.He seems to think that both lie in non-overlapping magisteria.

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